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Why Biking to Work Is Awesome And Why I Recommend It

Yes, I love biking to work. No, I’m not just saying that to preach. Biking to work actually has some practical benefits and it has grown in popularity over the years

However, people still dismiss this form of commute, for a few reasons.

For one, people have this misconception that biking to work is only for young-20 something baristas with ironic haircuts and sling shoulder messenger bags. But I have a regular day job and I ride around with a bike commuting backpack, thank you.

And after a year of biking, I can honestly say that it has made the morning commute much easier. So here are the reasons why I recommend biking to work, and why you might want to consider it too.

1) Biking to Work is a Great Workout For Anyone Who Can’t Find Time to Go to the Gym

We all know that physical activity is essential for our body and health. If you struggle with finding time for some other form of fitness, this is the right solution for you. So, if you choose to ride a bike to work, you will be “forced” to exercise two times a day. Because of that, it is an excellent way to loose weight. And much more fun way to burn calories than walking or running.

Even if you don’t struggle with your weight, you will still tighten your muscles and shape your body. Bike to work and your body will be stronger and immune system faster. Also, it will lower the risk from heart diseases and even protect you from some sorts of cancer.

2)Bike Commuting Will Save You Money On Gas, Insurance, and Car Maintenance Fees

How many times have you complained about an expensive bus ticket or a car fuel? If you bike to work, you’ll complain no more. You’ll save big amounts of money and the only things you will be spending are your calories. Also, this is a great ride for people who don’t have driver’s license. It is important to notice that costs of maintaining your bike are small and rare. And if you learn to do it yourself, they are negligible.

3) Biking to Work is Good for Your Mental Health, Also

Biking to work lowers the stress. Unlike driving a car. So, by riding a bike, you can strengthen mental hygiene and health. Also, studies have shown that biking makes us happier. Because it gives us a sense of freedom and independence.

4) Riding Your Bike Wakes You Up the All Natural Way

So you wake up in the morning, sleepy, reaching for that cup of coffee. What you don’t know is that riding a bike will wake you up in a healthier way. Not to mention that pedaling in the morning replaces a dose of caffeine and relaxes you after work.

5) Biking to Work is Better for the Environment, Obviously

Biking to work is the indicator of ecological awareness. Because it lowers exhaust gas emission. Besides that, bikes don’t damage the roads like the cars do.

6) When You Bike, You Don’t Get Stuck in Traffic Like Those Other Suckers

Other people are getting stuck in traffic all the time. Thus, they are nervous and anxious. But unlike them, you proceed with your two-wheeler, stress-free. Avoiding traffic collapse is a big satisfaction for every cyclist. Because of that, a bike represents one of the fastest ways of transport.

7) Finding “Parking” is Easy When You Bike to Work

Car drivers are well aware of the troubles when it comes to finding a parking space. Because of that, they usually drive in circles until they find a free spot. And they are usually late. But you will have no such troubles biking to work. You can even tie your bike to a tree and nobody would mind. That way you can calculate your time to work.

Biking To Work Is The Way To Go

It is clear that all excuses are meaningless. As you can see, biking to work is a healthy, fast, cheap and pleasant way to relax. So go ahead and afford a bike. And I promise, once you fall in love with it, even the rain won’t bother you.

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